We purchased this property in April 2003.  The property had not been actively farmed for a number of years. Fences were down, broom had encroached, fields had to be reconditioned and or replanted.  All takes hard work and plenty of capital.  We could see the potential, 170 acres of which approximately 80 acres are in forest, a deep gulley leading to a Coho bearing stream, complete privacy surrounded by resource base lands and a short bike ride (1 kilometer) to Sproat Lake.  Views of the Comox Glacier, Mount Arrowsmith, Mount Klitsa and the Beaufort Range were all the reasons we could see the potential.

Here is a sample of part of that journey!


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  • 2007 house from bluff
  • 2008 early spring blueberries in bloom
  • 2009 Front of house
  • gateview
  • house 2003
  • house front 2003
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  • old barn & Bloom
farm1 2007 house from bluff2 2008 early spring blueberries in bloom3 2009 Front of house4 gateview5 house 20036 house front 20037 irrigation pond8 old barn & Bloom9
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In 2011 the farm main focus moved to Water Buffalo. A milk parlour and modification to our barns was completed in 2013. Just in time for milking the first of our Water Buffalo. The first water buffalo cheese in Canada was made by Natural Pastures Cheese Company in the Comox Valley. It all began with Darrell and Anthea Archer of Fairburn Farm.  We sell our milk to Natural Pastures who make the best water buffalo cheese! We then sell meats and fresh Natural Pastures Water Bufflo cheese on farm. Water Buffalo have been domesticated for about 5,000 years! They are quiet, gentle animals that love attention, if they could our girls would be inside...!

Coleman Meadows Farm is now home to over 45 Water Buffalo and they all eat! Rotational grazing begins when the grass grows and continues into the fall, depending on moisture! We lease an additional 130 acres to supply our girls with the best forage to complete the 100% grass-fed diet.

The pictures above: Russ and Ieyore, Jake, Edward and Abby and smiling dog Dex!

have a look at our latest Water Buffalo babies YouTube