Welcome to our Garden and Farm Market

The garden is full of flowers and vegetables for winter and depedning on the time of year and availability we offer a variety of vegetables and cut flowers to sell on farm. We begin planting in March.  The garden has evolved from a pasture full of broom and debris and every year we expand just a little more... We grow fruits and vegetables with an eye for beauty, vegetables mixed with flowers, perennials and annuals, fruit trees and herbs. When we began in the summer of 2003 we had a smattering of plants from our previous farm. Every year the garden seems to expand and after a days work on the farm the garden is also a place to enjoy and relax.

There were two plants when we arrived a honeysuckle and wisteria. The garden has grown from a few cuttings to a little more each year.

Fresh cut flower bouquets and arrangements are available in season...and of course sunflowers for the water buffalo!

Our Farm market is open Saturdays 10 - 2 November to June. June to October, Thursday to Sunday 10 - 3 please call  250-724-0876 or email us awpb@island.net

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