Surrounded by mountains, lakes, rivers and wildlife, our 170-acre farm hosts Canada's first grass fed Water Buffalo seasonal dairy. We rotationally graze our herd throughout the spring and summer helping the animals produce the best quality milk and meat. We are committed to sustainable farm practices in all aspects. Russell, Jennifer and Edward Dyson (the owners) are proud to produce healthy foods and animals. Maintaining the environment enables future generations to continue and as a farm we are committed to protecting it. Our Water Buffalo are all handled with love attention and interaction with people.

To understand more about what grass-fed means and the rigour to manage our animals have a look at this site Animal Welfare Approved they have excellent standards that we adhere to. 

We look forward to introducing you to our NEW BABIES IN 2016!!


Farm Gallery

  • afternoon graze
  • Babies in Spring 2015
  • cuddles in fall 2013
  • Diamond
  • girls in fall
  • Grace
  • Grass in October
  • Hello I am Louise
  • Ieyore
  • Jamie and Nora
  • Jelly Bean
  • Louise 2015
  • welcome by v8.6

A montage of photos above, the weight jars, Diamond leading the girls, Edward milking and Emmi wanting treats...

Here are some YouTube Links.
The Water Buffalo Whisperer - Shaw TV Port Alberni that the wonderful Nancy Wilmot bravely ventured onto the farm...
The next was
Jose on the Job: The Water Buffalo Farmer last we saw of Jose he was running down the driveway!
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