Photos of Belly Dancing

InFocus Magazine, 1996 Courtesy of Boomer Jerrit of InFocus Magazine in Courtenay, this photo suggests the wonderful images that this man is able to capture from a wide variety of subjects. I recommend him highly for any kind of portraiture.

From Classes

Intro veil pose from 1997

I try to have a dress-up class at the end of each session. I get into full performance gear, and encourage others to do so, even if all they will do is let me swathe them in veil-insta-skirts!

Floor and Sword, from 96-11


Sword-work is always a wonderful draw, and difficult if your isolations are not up to scratch. (Practice, practice, practice!)

From Nov 1996 with sword

Photos from Medieval Events

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If I am not in your area, I may be able to recommend someone, particularly on Vancouver Island and the lower mainland of B.C.