Cote Length

I like a loose coat/cote over everything. (Gotta find some ME terms for that piece!) I like the look of a knee-length, short-sleeved cote, but kept hearing "The upper layers are always longer than the under layers." Well, that is correct in some times and some places. Here is an image that suggests my concept is acceptable for a mid to lower-class woman.

This image from the Wedding Night of Humay and Humayin, c 1395 CE, shows a couple of examples of "cote" length on women.

The hem appears to hang just above or just below the knee, in these images, and both figures have short sleeves.


The coronet-type headpiece might suggest women of high rank, but that is pure conjecture.

The circle of gold dots around the faces may be gold beads or something similar, reminiscent of the white dots seen in other images.