Sketchbook of images, instructions and resources.

This is where I put my notes when I've had to research a specific idea, and instructions when I've gotten more than a couple of emails of "How did you do that?" There are even a few answers to "Where did you get that?" Take this all as inspiration for your own projects, and, if you plan to enter contests, consider visiting museums and libraries to get some -real- documentation for your work. Have fun!

Clothing, Near Eastern

Belly Dance Costume

When you want to make your own belly dance costumes, there are a few things worth knowing. This section is for "Classical" belly dance, rather than for "Historical". Note that the current "beledi/baladi dress" is a direct descendent of the historical tunic (kamis, above), and is still used for ethnic presentations as well as a cover-up.

Graphed patterns for cross-stitch or beading SCA badges

These patterns were used on my "address" banner outside my tent and on the "mailing label" (belt favor) that I sometimes wear to events at other branches.

Eclectic Project Info

Sprangwork (sprang/sprahng/knotless netting): A Belt for Mark. I used some of my handspun 2-ply natural wool to make a braies cord, ala Bishop Timotheos.

The making of a 14th century silk girdle from plain thread to dyed and tablet-woven: A Belt for Gudrun .

Source for calligraphy supplies

A Blackwork project

Hints and tips for spinning with a long draw on a handspindle.

Clay lamps made for a contest, and that proved surprisingly useful in the power outage that preceded the event by two weeks.

Papier mache work, that makes things like coolers visually disappear; I used this technique to convert a tin box into something looking like leather (see "Messy Stuff" in the Portfolio).

Al Ghazeel! The boat for the 2006 Armada.