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Arts & Crafts Gallery

Portfolio of Work by Linda,
known in the SCA as Halima al-Rakkasa

I like making things. Lots of things. So I've created a gallery to inspire you, with a few resources for those who would also like to make things. You might notice that the vast majority of my thing-making involves trades and crafts in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism); I have an interest in ancient technologies and how they developed into what they are now. Or maybe I just like working with my hands, and it's just an excuse to get busy and get dirty!

The textile arts include spinning, weaving, netting, lace-making, and embroidery (blackwork/spanishwork)

The book arts include calligraphy, painting, illuminating (gilding), and bookbinding.

The metal arts include, to this point, pewter-casting

The messy arts include clay work and papier mache. Not that any of the other arts cannot have phases of messy...