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Portfolio of Work by Linda,
known in the SCA as Halima al-Rakkasa

This section is truly for "messy stuff", projects that mean setting up a protected work area, and some serious clean-up afterwards. (Admittedly, pewterwork has its mess, too, but I've organized everything on cafeteria trays, so I can easily put things on the shelf between sessions.) I'll also toss in a few things that don't have a slot yet, so you could say this area is disorganized... another kind of messy! Some of these projects will turn up in the notebook, for those who want to try it for themselves.

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A photo of a lamp that burns olive oil; check out the links in the description for  another view, for historical background, and how to make your own
Oil lamp
; photo of a test burn, brief documentation for the contest; more details can be had in the Notebook
For contests held Dec 2/06
Leather-look tin box; select the links below for close-ups
Faux leather: front, bottom, back
Well, the contest was "Paper", and since this is "papier mache", I thought it would be a good one...
Al Ghazeel! The boat for the 2006 Armada. This medieval event included racing boats down a stream... Well, "boats" included rafts...