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Portfolio of Work by Linda,
known in the SCA as Halima al-Rakkasa

There is something magical about working with molten pewter, the way it glistens, and the way it shapes itself to a mold to become an object cool and smooth to the hand. I have lots to say about it, but it's not in the notebook yet. You will want to know about working safely with soapstone and with melted metal, so don't get started just yet!

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Thumbnail shows one half of the soapstone mold; click to view tokens and mold during packing for shipping
Wedding Token

for a guest gift; non-SCA-related; the only power involved was the heat to melt the pewter

Silver Swan
Silver Swan

Cragmere token in pewter; this one 2003;
1 1/4" (32mm); click on the image to get views and description
Swannie for Cragmere Anniversary Tourney, Aug 03

for "local currency" at Anniversary Tourney, August 2003
Lammastide Faire merchant token
Merchant token

in pewter for Medieval Faire, Aug.2002; flat back mold; 25mmx18mm
Fals coin design based on extant stylized bull
in pewter
Arab-style coin for "local currency" at the Camel Races; 19mm (3/4"),
Oct 6/01