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Portfolio of Work by Linda,
known in the SCA as Halima al-Rakkasa

Textiles are just so... tactile: wool, silk, linen, cotton. Each fibre has its ideal use, and I plan to find them all (though life may be a bit short to go into any depth). I like spinning fibre into thread and yarn. I like weaving. I like netting. Though I've taught classes on these things, I don't have anything in the notebook yet; that'll come. In the meantime, stash each of your projects in its own zip-lock-type baggie with all the tools and materials you need to work on it; you'll never have to hunt the bits down again before putting some serious time into the project!

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Needle-made lace, AKA punto in aria
as of Dec/06 w brief documentation
Tablet-woven belt for Morel
Tablet-woven belt
for Morel in 2004
in sage green, sky blue, white, and burgundy

Inkle - blue, navy, gold

Blue, navy, gold
All-handspun wool; purple hairnet with rose fingerloop headband

in handspun purple wool; band of handspun rose wool, fingerloop braid of 7
Completed in 2004; the band is very elastic and slips easily over my dressed hair
Brief Documentation
2002 - Blackwork banner embroidered for Seagirt contest
Blackwork banner
created for a Yule contest, 2002
See also documentation, apple, cross, holly and pine, ivy, European mistletoe, oak.
Blackwork for HL Antonia
for HL Antonia, 2003
belt favour designed for a member of House Inverness

Favour for the Household
July 1999