My Lords and my Ladies, pray attend...

This is not a publication of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. or of any group thereof, and does not delineate SCA policies, though opinions may abound that belong to me and no one else because no one else wants them. Do not bend, fold, spindle or mutilate. Post no bills. Some settling may occur. Your mileage may vary.

As a former Chatelaine of the Shire of Cragmere, I must make like a brook and babble.

The SCA is an educational, non-profit society dedicated to the re-creation of the skills and customs of the middle ages and early renaissance. We try to re-create the ambiance of the times, with an allowance for modern education... meaning running water, flush toilets and no Black Plague! You can learn about and get involved in anything from archery and armouring to wine-making and woodworking. (But be careful... you may have fun, too!)

Joining a group does not cost a cent, but you'll want some medieval-type clothes (re-cycle, or visit your local second-hand store or garage sale for clothes, or for fabrics for making them), feast gear (the second-hand store, again, for a wooden bowl for 50 cents, goblet, spoon, steak knife, and napkin), a potluck dish for an event requiring one (talk to the Chatelaine or event co-ordinator for recipes or suggestions), and perhaps a site fee to cover the cost of space rental (as little as $5 per head at a potluck feast, or maybe as much as $20 for a weekend of camping or a full, all-evening sit-down feast).

Arts and Sciences evenings held in private homes tend to be free except for costs of materials (ie. everyone chips in equally for the equipment and supplies for candle-making). You might want to subscribe to your local newsletter to keep up on the events and classes in your area. If you're very enthusiastic, you could take out a membership in the SCA, Inc., which gives you a subscription to Tournaments Illuminated and the possibility of getting involved with the local executive council. Or just go to the events and party hearty! (Do remember that the SCA is family-oriented, and children will be everywhere except where prohibited by law, like Tavern Nights.)

Chatelaines (read: Public Relations, and Newcomers' Guide) write news releases, talk to reporters, organize presentations for schools and fairs, and act as a first contact for many people; none of this can be done alone. It is the support of the members of the local group that makes all this possible; the Chatelaine makes possible the display and dissemination of the skills of the various members (in the form of demos and other events that attract newcomers), from the fighters to the crafters. (The aim being that new people will be drawn to learn from the people who teach it. The same goes for any of the skills.)

When new members appear, the Chatelaine lets them know who the officers are, who has skills in their particular areas of interest, how to get started in terms of clothing and potluck dishes, and how to act (the courtesies in actions and words).

To find out even more about the S.C.A., go to the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. The local website is The Shire of Cragmere, for those in the Courtenay-Campbell River area of Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada.

An Tir device On the left is the device of the Kingdom of An Tir, where I live.

Tir Righ badge And on the right is the badge of the Principality of Tir Righ, which is within An Tir.