S.C.A. Resume of Linda J. Doerksen

within the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.
As of June 30, 2008

Halima al-Rakkasa: 
Gules, a crescent; in chief argent, two pallets wavy azure

Names known by

Qiturah bint Raqs bint Shula
Halima al-Rakkasa (registered: May of 1999 (via An Tir) )
- [pron. haLEEmah ah RAHkahsah]
Halla sneypir (occasional; Norse/Dane 10th c.; unregistered)
Ysabel de Launay (occasional; French 14th c.; unregistered)
Izzy (-very- occasional; tavern, late period; unregistered)


Device: Gules, a crescent; in chief argent, two pallets wavy azure
Badge: Fieldless, a borage flower (cinquefoil) and crescent conjoined in pale argent (see the background/watermark on this page)
Achievement: Escutcheon surmounted by a Saracen helm affronty Grey bearing the badge, torsed and mantled Argent and Gules, encircled by a ribbon checky Sable and Or bearing pendants of the Order of the Goutte de Sang, Order of the Jambe de Lion, and on a secondary ribbon of Argent fimbriated Azure below, emblems of the Orders of L'Etoile d'Argent, the Silver Pillar, and the Red Flame (all of Tir Righ).


Founding member of the Shire of Cragmere; first meeting August 10, 1995 (A.S. 30)
Chatelaine, Shire of Cragmere - Aug 10/95 to Sept /99
Deputy Chatelaine, Shire of Cragmere - Sept /99 to Sept /03
Publisher of newsletter, Shire of Cragmere - April /96 to /05
Newsletter contributor, Shire of Cragmere - Aug/95 to /05
Dance Mistress, Shire of Cragmere - c. May/97 to present
Chancellor of the Exchequer, Shire of Cragmere - Feb/03 to present


An Tir Spinners
Embroiderers & Embellishers - Journeyman as of Jan 2001

Halima wearing the circlet from reann, created by Asa Martel, at Mermaid's 2004; photo by William of the Battered Helm


as recorded on the Order of Precedence
Award of Arms - 31 May AS 32 / 1997 Kingdom of An Tir
Silver Swan (Cragmere) - 27 Dec AS 32 / 1997
Magistrae Ithra - 30 Nov AS 35 / 2000 (only the first is recorded)
Grant of Arms (Goutte de Sang) - 2 Mar AS 36 / 2002 Kingdom of An Tir
Grant of Arms (Jambe de Lion) - 22 Mar AS 37 / 2003 Kingdom of An Tir
L'Etoile d'Argent (Ordre d') - 20 Nov AS 39 /2004 Principality of Tir Righ
Order of the Red Flame - 24 Mar AS 41 / 2007 Principality of Tir Righ
Order of the Silver Pillar (Tir Righ) - 15 Mar AS 42 / 2008
Lector Ithra (Artis) - 6 Apr AS 42 / 2008
Exemplar of the Shire of Cragmere, jointly held with Charles le Verdier - 21 June AS 43 / 2008

Events organized

2008 Feb 23 - Demo at the Cumberland Heritage Faire; organized, delegated, and lured members to participate in a community event; taught 4 people four dances (10 minutes) for the stage, and encouraged and supported new MoS in creating a 20 minute demo on a small stage; display was 4 tables under two sunshades (armour, textiles, calligraphy, musical instruments).
2004 Sept - Clubs Day demo at Driftwood Mall (Courtenay, BC)
2004 Apr 16 - Gala Concert Fundraiser; persuaded, organized and taught 4 people to dance 4 new dances for a community fund-raiser
2004 Jan 31 - "Warm up the Winter" Potluck Revel, Cragmere (site, organize kitchen, cook meats, delegate serving, lead dance)
2003 Oct - assisted in Fall Potluck Revel (site, kitchen)
2003 Mar 8 - Deerford Inn Peasant Revel, Cragmere(ads, research, head cook)
2002 Sep 13-15 - Cragmere Birthday Tourney, Cragmere
2001 Oct 6 - Camel Races (advertising, researched recipes, money-changing, managing dancers)
2001 Mar 17 - Daffodil Costume Competition: Outfit on a Budget; One Gorgeous Piece; Seagirt
1999 Dec - Comox Valley Arts Council Banner Auction and Dinner, Courtenay
1999 Jul 1 - Campbell River Children's Festival demo
1999 Apr 17 - Arabic New Year (advisor on theme, recipes, decoration, etc.), Cragmere
1999 Feb 20 - Newcomers' Revel, Cragmere
1998 Feb 28 - Newcomers' Revel, Cragmere
1997 - Lake Trail School demo
1997 Jul 1 - Campbell River Children's Festival demo
1997 Feb 23 - Courtly Love & Romance, Cragmere
1996 Sept 28 - Black Creek demo

Participation in other demos

2005 Aug 20 - Ravensley demo at Qualicum Heritage Inn
200? - Ravensley at the Pt Alberni Museum
2004 June - Camping Show, Courtenay Fish and Game
2001 Sept - Armed Forces Family Day (created dance, marshalled rapier fighters, spun yarn)
2001 July 1 - Campbell River Kids' Fest
2000 - Boy Scouts, Courtenay
2000 - Courtenay Junior, Courtenay
2000 Feb - Medieval Learning Day, Black Creek (presented dance & protocol; served dinner)
1999 Jul 1 - Campbell River Kids' Fest
1999 - Hartwood (1) organized by Desamona


Oct 25/98 - St. Giles / Seagirt Grand Ithra - Medieval Middle Eastern Dance; Intro to Middle Eastern Dance
May 9/99 SeaLion War Ithra - Middle Eastern Dance
Nov 5/00 St. Giles / Seagirt Grand Ithra - Intro to Middle Eastern Dance; Middle Eastern Costuming
Apr 8/01 False Isle Ithra - Intro to Middle Eastern Dance; Middle Eastern Costuming
Nov 18/01 St. Giles / Seagirt Grand Ithra - Pattern Drafting
Apr 7/02 False Isle Ithra - Hairnet Construction Techniques; Middle Eastern Costume: Construction; Middle Eastern Costume: Images;
Apr 28/02 Hartwood Ithra - Middle Eastern Costume: Images; Middle Eastern Costume: Construction
Sep 22/02 Seagirt Workshop - Fibers to Fabric; Spinning & Dyeing
Nov /03?? - St. Giles - Beginning Middle Eastern Dance (Belly Dance); Medieval Middle Eastern Dance; Middle Eastern Clothing; Handspindle Spinning
Mar 2/03 - False Isle - Middle Eastern Clothing Images; Middle Eastern Clothing Construction; Beginning Middle Eastern Dance (Belly Dance); Medieval Middle Eastern Dance; Hairnets (fingerloop braid, netting)(2003);
Mar 4/03 MEClothing Construction Discussion
Apr 6/03 - Cragmere & Hartwood Ithra - Net-making; Fingerloop Braiding
Apr /03?? - Hartwood - Middle Eastern Clothing Images; Fingerloop Braid; Netting ("Networking")
Feb 2/03 - Lions Gate 24th Grand Ithra - middle eastern costume: construction; middle eastern costume: images
Nov /03 - Lions Gate - Middle Eastern Clothing Images; Middle Eastern Clothing Construction (confirm; I think I only did Feb)
Mar 20/04 - Shittimwoode - Middle Eastern Clothing Images; Middle Eastern Clothing Construction; Medieval Middle Eastern Dance; Hairnets (fingerloop braid, netting)
Aug 28/04 - Ravensley - 4 Dances for 4 Dancers
Apr 2-3/05 - Hartwood - 4 Dances for 4 Dancers, Line Dances for the SCA
Apr 20/07 - Hartwood - Basic Middle Eastern Dance (belly dance); BASIC DANCE; Inkle loom Weaving; How to Teach Dance
Jun 9/07 - Seagirt, Sealion War - Spin-in, Raks Helwa (ME dance)

A&S evenings:
English Country Dance; Middle Eastern dance; spindle spinning and related wool prep; Middle Eastern clothing for tourneys; persona development; dipping candles; soap-making with fat & lye; casting pewter; tablet-weaving


the above as well as: weaving basics; fingerloop braiding; blackwork; fabric painting

Projects, non-personal

2006 - Swan's Guard Cloaks - designed trim for 10 cloaks, 2 in TW; taught inkle-weaving; portioned out materials and aided weavers as needed; wove one TW trim
2004 Sept through 2005 Mar - Grete Boke: transferring drawings; calligraphy; gilding; painting
2004 Sept - using design by HL Morel, put Cragmere achievement on large banner; painted with Lady Zoe's assistance
2003 Aug - painted backdrop for Cragmere, supplied with poles and stands; created 1800 pewter "swannies" for "local currency"
2003 May - made canvas bag (sewed, painted, hand-stitched grommets, braided drawstring) for new banners for Principality of Tir Righ; spun and braided cord for gonfalon(s), and made tassels; (Reann decorated the rods, which were finished by Kjartan)
2001 Oct - "local currency" for Camel Races (create molds and cast 1100 small and 150 large coins in pewter)
2000 Mar - site tokens in pewter for Daffodil, Barony of Seagirt
2000 Feb - shire awards (Silver Swan) in pewter
1999 Dec - parade banner
1997 Feb - shire awards (Silver Swan, Silver Cygnet), paint on elkhorn

Contests entered

(date, event, contest, placing)
2006 Dec 2, Craftspersons' Christmas Dinner, Cragmere - similar to last year - faux leather box (papier mache), pair of clay saucer lamps, needle-made lace, ypocras, leather bottle-padding, essay ('The Arab Persona: Your Only Choice'); first overall
2006 Aug, Cragmere's Armada - boat race, with documentation; won for documentation, and lost race to a raft
2005 Dec 3, Artisans' Guild Supper and Dance, Cragmere - multi-category contest, with one overall winner (points for number of categories entered, as well as for winning in a category) - entered Callig & Illum (gilded Arabic scroll), Veil (linen stitched w silk; won), Heraldic container (treasure box), Weaving (inkles), Metalwork (Tir Righ pendant), Woodwork (pyrographed handspindle), etc.
2005 Feb 19, Black Knight, Ravensley - Calligraphy and illumination (first)
2002 Dec 14, Yule Revel, Seagirt - Needlework Competition (first in advanced for blackwork)
2001 Oct, Camel Races, Cragmere - Northern Region Badge (second)
2000 Mar, Daffodil Tourney, Seagirt - Camping Costume (first)