Dance is top on my list of obsessions. I started at three years old, bopping to the ENO commercial on TV (we're looking at 1958!). From there, I've explored ballet, tap (not for long), folk dance (a little longer), and rock'n'roll (a good deal longer). I learned much from the Solid Gold Dancers (you don't remember? tsk tsk) until I discovered belly dance. You could read a rant-and-rave about Belly Dancing. Though belly dance has been my main interest ever since, I dance jive, Latin, and learn about and teach medieval and Renaissance dance in the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.

Speaking (writing?) of the SCA, I'm involved in our local chapter, the Shire of Cragmere. The SCA has done much in leading me into creative exploration. I've enjoy a bit of needlework, like Blackwork (monochromatic embroidery); as my persona is Arabic, I'm continually on the look-out for pre-Catherine of Aragon references, notes, patterns, etc. on blackwork. (And having an Arabic persona also means I've had to do some research on medieval Middle Eastern (belly) dance - raqs baladi, raqs orientale, raqs al-sharki - so I can dress and dance appropriately.) I do a little pewter-casting. Check out my SCA page. The persona page has other non-persona SCA chatter.

And some other interests...

I'm still fascinated with spinning on handspindles ever since I picked up a 3-ounce handspindle at a flea market (summer of 1998) for seventy-five cents (hiding among the hammers, it was). Since then, I've tried various kinds of fibre. And I have made some spindles, and then modified them. Did you know that CD's make great spindles? I also weave a little, net a little, lace a little.

Being a creative sort, I do a lot of drawing, painting, and carving (wood, plaster, soapstone). My painted heraldic banners are popular; they're about two by three feet. We use them at medieval events for ambiance.

Gardening is not an interest I inherited, unless it's something that skips a generation. I tend to garden organically, whether vegetable, herb, or flower. I try growing things that don't like our weather, but at least I get salads out of my work, and herbs for cooking and for medicine.

Music is another passion. My voice has no particular strength or beauty, but I can carry a tune, and even transpose keys on the fly. I've also played guitar for twenty-odd years, but I haven't touched one for the last few. I can play some of the important belly dance rhythms on my doumbeks.

I've done some sailing on small sloops and ketches on Lake of the Woods and on the West Coast of Canada. I like a size of twenty-seven to thirty-five feet: easy to handle, all facilities aboard, reasonable docking fees if you want to dock. I've done the sail-around-Vancouver-Island bit, so I know I'm a fair-weather sailor; I do NOT like open ocean. Give me the inside strait, and under twenty knots of breeze.

I don't game much. I can usually hold my own at cribbage. I play a version of Wari. So much for games...