Sorry,  The Europa Club is  dissolved .

no longer do we have any events scheduled.


We like to thank all our Members, sponsors and people who

attended our best oktoberfest on Vancouver island for their continued support.

It was a very successful run with lots of fun and

great entertainment for the last 40+ years


Thank you so much.

see the pictures from the past

Oktoberfest is  "Wunderbar"

Traditional European Festival

past oktoberfest chairman  - j.s.





                       At the Italian Hall.                 

4065  6th Ave.   (for Hall location see DIRECTIONS)

Tickets: $ -  each. 


                                                                                                               Great Oktoberfest Food is available at the kitchen        


Friday October  -  7PM - 1AM.                       

Saturday October  -  7PM - 1AM.

The Port Alberni "Europa Club" had the best Oktoberfest on Vancouver Island. British Columbia CANADA.


    The entertainers were:  (YOU with)

    The SilverStars Band, Al Pichler Band,

    Happy Hans Band (Hans & Lauren)

    The Edlweiss Dancers, Klaus From Hamburg

    And The Swiss Boys (Alp Horns)

    The Europa Club own show (frying pan)




            The Silverstars Band                                                         Lauren & Hans Band (Happy Hans)    



   Do you like to have fun ? A good time ? Dancing and singing ?  Good food and a drink ?         [Ein Prosit] (play)

    Port Alberni, British Columbia's Europa Club had this  in  October    at their   Annual Oktoberfest. 

   Oktoberfest is a time of music and merrymaking featuring  "The Silverstars"  from Vancouver, BC. under the direction of Tony Theiss.

   This versatile group plays everything from oompapa to sing-a-longs and modern tunes.

 Also performing will be "Hans & Lauren" with singing, playing the keyboard and several other musical instruments.

 This year the "Swiss Boys" Rick & Kurt  with their Alp Horns will be  performing as well. 



 Special Oktoberfest rates  for Hotels & Motels available           

      Free RV parking at the hall.


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