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        Early Music
Early Music Sources on the Internet

(These websites are selected for their accuracy and useful links)
Canticum Novum - Schola Cantorum Bogotensis -
Cantus: A Database for Latin Ecclesistical Chant -
Classical Net Links Page, Early Music -
Diabolus in Musica [French musical ensemble] -
Early Music Resources on the Web by Sharon Spanogle -
Gregorian Chant Home Page by Peter Jeffery -
Medieval And Renaissance Instruments -
Medieval Music & Arts Foundation © Medieval Music & Arts Foundation -
ORB Medieval Music Glossary by Cynthia J. Cyrus -
SCA Minstrel Homepage by Greg Lindahl -

Lyrics and Tunes
Choral Public Domain Library [free choral sheet music] -
Internet Renaissance Band -
Mudcat Café -
New Music for Early Instruments
La Trobe University Library Medieval Music Database -

Lutes, Viols and other Ancient Instruments
Minstrel Krampf's Bagpipes Blog