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    Dr. Kim Iles is a consultant specializing in Forest Inventory.  He lives on Vancouver Island
         in British Columbia, Canada – specifically :    49.148097 N, 123.956396 W (Google Earth)

Technical Specialties

    Kim specializes in:   

  • Practical Forest Inventory Design and Timber Cruising Techniques for Government and Industry.
  • Variable Plot and 3P sampling techniques.
  • Review and Improvements of existing forest inventory and harvest cruising designs.
  • Weight Scaling Techniques for log scaling purposes.
  • Statistical Analysis of Data (particularly forest sampling data).
  • Teaching and Legal consulting (Forest Biometrics, Statistics, Cruise Design and Inventory Techniques)
      (also teaching one statistics as a professor at Vancouver Island University)

If your company or agency needs a review of your procedures, Kim's contact information is below.


To contact Kim:

Phone/FAX (250) 753-8095


   412 Valley Place
   Nanaimo, BC, Canada
       V9R 6A6

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Book News

The third book (see below) has recently been delivered from the printers. 
Also, the 3d edition of the first book , is now being printed, available again shortly.

               Book One “A Sampler of Inventory Topics”.  (printed 2003, 2004, 2015)

869 pages, 17 chapters.  The text is hardback, dark-brown bonded leather, and if you wish you can
download a        
pdf file copy of individual chapter contents [279K]  

Instructors are welcome to reproduce this material for their courses.  It is suitable for a library reference. 
The intended audience is measurement people (forestry and otherwise) who probably know the basics and want more depth, and those that want a practically useful background in sampling.  It covers Statistics, Variable Plot Sampling and 3P sampling in detail. 

                                 Kim’s Second book is still available. (printed 2009)

        Book TwoThe Compassman, The Nun, and the Steakhouse Statistician

While the first text was necessarily technical, and involved quite a few detailed examples and mathematics,

   this book has very little math.  Hardback, green bonded leather cover. 

The intended audience is forest inventory professionals, young biometricians or those with statistical training,

   and those who have to solve practical sampling problems and wish to get beyond equations and grasp some

deeper principles, including some newer procedures in forest sampling. 

359 pages, 40 chapters (38 of them short- about 4-6 pages) contain the further adventures of the character “OH” from the first book (chapter 6 memos), as well as Dr. Smiley, plus a young statistician, and a compassman in training (view Examples below).

Each chapter examines practical issues of sampling, professional development, or statistical techniques.  

Two longer chapters on Regression and Hypothesis testing (only on the CD of the first book) are printed to conclude this book. 

There is some overlap with the first text, but a much different approach, and it is a useful review. 

          A listing of the chapters is available here :    Contents    
          Several chapters exhibiting typical writing style can be previewed here :  

        Book Three “The Retread, The Reject and the Tower Statistician(printed 2014). 

417 pages, 61 chapters, light-brown bonded leather cover.  The writing style is very similar to the second book.  The same “OH” character is continued.  The book is mostly about solutions to real problems with some practical psychology and statistical theory woven into them - also suggestions about professional development. 

For ordering …

I distribute the book myself, without advertising anywhere.
Send an email to order the book, with payment by check at your convenience.
   I cannot handle credit cards – sorry - but it is possible to use an gift certificate
        (which can be by credit card) if bank issues in US or Canadian currency are a problem. 

If you are coming to the Western Mensuration Conference, or a BC timber cruiser meeting
    you can pick up the book there if I drive to it (email me to bring one), and save the shipping costs.

A civilized alternative is to drop by my Nanaimo address,
    have a glass of sherry in the library, and pick it up from the source.

Things I need to know from you

   (1) Do you want it signed ? If so, to whom ??   Default : nothing written in the book (libraries prefer that).
   (2) Do you want a
receipt or invoice?   (who should it be made out to?)  Default : none sent
   (3) What is your complete
shipping address ?   (it arrives in about a week for North America)

Current costs :

Sampler  $60 plus shipping       -        Shipping for all books is $20 

Compassman  $35 plus shipping

Retread  $45 plus shipping

US dollars in the US or other countries, Canadian dollars in Canada
      (the shipping difference covers the US/CAN exchange rate).

Other than the US or Canada, email for a quote on shipping cost.
Air mail is quick, but expensive - surface mail is the reverse.

Books will be sent with copies of any significant typos known then, on an additional inserted sheet of paper.
     Known typos are also are recorded here for each edition/book :  Typos

Spreadsheets !!

A few of the original spreadsheets have had minor corrections, or changes.  Before using any EXCEL spreadsheets for
    important work, contact me to be sure there are no known typos, especially for calibrations of Relascopes, etc. 
Some of these were caused by protection issues which affect the macros.    To get copies of the changes, please
    directly email me.  

Those who do not buy the book are also welcome to these spreadsheets.

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A few of Kim’s past projects you might want to check out

         Design of the British Columbia Vegetation Inventory (250,000,000 acres)
            BC Vegetation Inventory Design  (check standards and procedures)

         Writing for the John Bell & Associates Newsletter on Forest Inventory
            John Bell and Associates Home Page


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   Resume of Kim Iles


View Complete PDF Resume

   For printing :

Background & Education


   Publications section

Client List



At OH’s Restaurant in California

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Some of Kim’s discussion papers (in *pdf format) which might interest you (also available with the books) :

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Other sites of interest

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