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Released in November of 1999, this is my first solo CD. It was recorded over a year and a half period at "The Loft" in Turner Valley, Alberta. It's all my own songs (a few co-writes) , and I got some of my favourite musician friends to play on it. If you would like a copy, please e-mail me.




If Nathan Tinkham's name rings a bell, it's probably because of his extensive lead guitar, arranging and songwriting work with such artists as the Great Western Orchestra, Ian Tyson, Cindy Church and Quartette, Church's super group with Sylvia Tyson, Caitlin Hanford and the late Colleen Peterson. On The Loom, Tinkham steps into the spotlight with a tasteful set of 13 original songs and one traditional instrumental.

Tinkham is at his best on songs like Alison Lives by the Big Bend, Hobo Girl and Cowgirl Jody, richly-drawn character studies that capture both the hard lives and romance of western women. Backing Tinkham on the CD are some of Western Canada's finest musicians including Amos Garrett, who plays a gorgeous electric guitar solo on Hobo Girl, and bassist John Towill, who also plays didgeridoo on several cuts. The eerily-beautiful sounds of the Australian Aboriginal instrument lend an exotic, other-worldly sound to the disc.

-Mike Regenstreif, Montreal Gazette ***1/2


One of my favourite records has always been the first, 1989 Great Western Orchestra album featuring David Wilkie, Cindy Church and Nathan Tinkham. It's like an old pair of slippers to me now and with Tinkham's long overdue album The Loom, I have the cardigan to match. There's something inexplicably comforting about Tinkham's way with a song and guitar whether he's playing in country, folk, gospel or swing mode, all of which he does here. The past sideman for Ian Tyson and Quartette, among others, has writing credits on all 14 songs, and has surrounded himself with the likes of Amos Garrett, Billy Cowsill and Betty McDaniel, who especially shines. Overall, this is like good soup on a cold day.

John P. McLaughlin, Vancouver Province ****


Here's another example of the impeccable and pristine sound coming out of The Loft in Turner Valley, Alberta. Tinkham has the vocal approach that gives the warmth of listening to an older brother. The impact is immediate. There's no pretentiousness here, just straight ahead story-telling with an off-the-cuff projection that twigs the ear. The production is heavily acoustic guitar laced, which happens to be Tinkham's music signature. He also doubles on the mouth harp. Actually, tagging Tinkham as country is a bit of a disservice. Here, he rolls his writing and vocal talent across the broad spectrum of swing, blues, gospel, folk and country. Monina, the first track, sets the pace for a quick trip into Tinkham's imaginary world. He solo wrote 10 of the 14 tracks here, and it's difficult to pick favourites. Tonight I Would Hold You does take priority as does the Gospel-tinged What Would Jesus Do? But don't overlook Annie, Gentle Annie or his spin on arranging the public domain Red Haired Boy. Check out Hobo Girl, which he wrote with Cindy Church, Chemistry, a co-write with Caitlin Hanford, and South to Whitehorse, which he wrote with George McConkey. the pickers also deserve a mention - fiddlemeister Myran Szott, Jeff Bradshaw on dobro, percussionist Thom Moon, John Towill on bass and didjeridoo, Amos Garrett on electric guitar with background vocals supplied by Betty McDaniel and Billy Cowsill. Produced by Tinkham and Dwain Sands.
Walt Grealis, RPM

Nathan Tinkham is an Alberta-bred singer and songwriter who has toiled for years behind the scenes, first as a member of Great Western Orchestra (where his popular Curly Bob story song originated); as well as working with Ian Tyson, and Cindy Church (including song input towards her progression into the Canadian group Quartette); and now has forged his way front and centre with his own solo album.
The Loom is a collection of 14 songs written or co-written by Tinkham - two songs (Alison Lives by the Big Bend and Hobo Girl) will be familiar to some as being previously recorded by Quartette.
Nathan Tinkham covers a wide range with his material - oldtime country, folk and country/blues are the prime sounds, a lot of it being an extension of sorts to the theme and concept of Ian Tyson's Cowboyography music. Several tracks stand out, none better than the story song South to Whitehorse, the gospel flavoured Get Thee Behind Me, and the picturesque title track, The Loom. The closest to a hardcore country hurtin' tune comes in Tonight, I Would Hold You. Tinkham also adds a bit of the Australian Outback feel in his instrumental arrangement of Red Haired Boy - the piece is introduced by a instrument that may have just made its first appearance on a Cancountry album !!
Larry Delaney, Country Music News




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