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Nathan Tinkham/Caitlin Hanford
Rhythm Range Music SOCAN/HyC Music SOCAN

What keeps this world spinning round
Forever without fail
A summer storm when lightning strikes
And then turns into hail
What makes a love come easily
Is bigger than you or me, but
We've got chemistry

It's strange what makes us get along
So well, the way we do
I don't think you'd find two folks
As different as me and you
But just like natures forces
Between the moon and the sea
We've got chemistry

There's something that just happens
When I look into your eyes
Though it's not rocket science
I could win the Nobel prize
'Cause I have all the evidence
I need to prove it's true
Just by the reaction that I
Get from holding you


Right down to our molecules
I feel the pull, it's true
The ones that should see eye to eye
Seldom ever do
There is no explanation
It will remain a mystery, but
We've got chemistry

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