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Nathan Tinkham
Rhythm Range Music SOCAN

It was early in spring when the blizzard came through, SOCAN
And calves were out on the ground.
She headed her pony straight into the storm
While the snow and the wind whistled 'round.
She sang to herself as she rode throught the herd,
Trying to keep out the chill,
There's mamas to doctor and babies to pull,
And if she don't, then nobody will.

From riding the rough string, she sharpened her skills,
No cayuse could make her afraid.
And she took pride in the work that she did,
And all of the horses she made.
And when the season for rodeo came,
You'd find her riding out there.
She made quite a sight in her buckskins and boots
Wth a gardenia pinned in her hair.

On Saturdays, between her errands and chores,
She'd slip into town for the show
With cowgirls so pretty up there on the screen,
And singing wherever they'd go.
In sequins and fringes, in lipstick and rouge
That just ain't the way it was done.
She'd laugh with her friends at the antics and stories,
But she never misses a-one.

The years have passed as the seasons have turned
And all of her daughters have grown
And every one is a cowgirl at heart
And they have girls of their own
She sits on the porch as she watches them play
Remembering when she was young
And it brings her pleasure to know there'll be someone
To follow the work that she's done

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