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Nathan Tinkham/George McConkey
Rhythm Range Music SOCAN

Last week I turned eighteen
Now I do just what I want
And I've grown tired of pumping gas
In this roadside restaurant

So when I've saved the money
And I've fixed up my old car
I'm gonna head it south to Whitehorse
Just to sing and play guitar

People come from everywhere
And stop here for a while
I wash their windows, fill 'em up
And leave them with a smile

To them I'm just somebody
That they'll see along the way
But they don't know that they are gonna
Hear my name some day


I'll say goodbye to all my friends
And these greasy coveralls
I can't wait 'til I can leave them
Hanging on the wall

I can see me standing
Up there on the stage
With all the girls gathered 'round
To hear me when I play


But 'til I leave this little place
I'll practice every day
And I won't let nobody
Be standing in my way

They'll all know when I hit town
They'll all be wanting more
I know I'm gonna make it big
Just like Harmonica George


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