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Pat & Jackie Kervin Phone: (250) 902-0565 1 888 792 3366 (toll free) Box 1349, 8625 SHIPLEY St. Port Hardy, BC, Canada V0N 2P0

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Welcome to the web page of Odyssey Kayaking Ltd., located in the Northern Vancouver Island community of Port Hardy.

Sea Kayaking On Queen Charlotte Sound, Queen Charlotte Strait , and Johnstone Strait.

Odyssey Kayaking would like to welcome you to one of the most beautiful kayak accessible places left on our planet. We are located on beautiful Northern Vancouver Island, in Port Hardy British Columbia. Northern Vancouver Island is the home of Orca, also known as Killer whale, and famed Cape Scott. Untamed wildlife can be found at almost every turn. Kayak around Queen Charlotte Strait or Sound; or go for a day trip at Stories Beach in Beaver Harbour, or down to Johnstone Strait to see Orca. The choice is yours, and with plenty of friendly accommodations you can plan for a day trip tomorrow, or with advanced planned choices, tailor your own custom tour. The purpose of these pages are to promote the safe enjoyment of sea kayaking, and acquaint you with Northern Vancouver Island. Our motto, "Sharing the Waves" reflects our desire to encourage kayaking in an ecologically sensitive manner by being responsible citizens of our environment. We subscribe to the "minimum impact standards" as set out by the "Association of Canadian Sea Kayak Guides." Our logo as depicted by the penguin looking sea bird is Pats rendition of a once often overlooked bird known as the "marbled murrelet. " Sea kayakers visiting Northern Vancouver Island, can experience a lifetime of discoveries in areas like the Broughton Archipelago to the east of Vancouver Island, and from Brooks Peninsula on the west coast, and on up to Cape Scott. Travel by Ferry, "water-taxi", or kayak north to Bella Bella and visit the Hakai, the Great Bear Rainforest or the Cape Caution area, a natural hangout for the gray and humpback whales. Thanks for visiting us, and we do hope you come to Northern Vancouver Island; so that we can share with you our unique outdoors. We are located at 8625 SHIPLEY St. across from the Port Hardy Post Office, approximately 150 meters from Shipley Beach.

Pat Kervin
Odyssey Kayaking Ltd.



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