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Residents of Port Hardy for 29 years, owner/operators Pat & Jackie, bring more than 60 years of knowledge of Northern Vancouver Island and experience to Odyssey Kayaking. We officially opened up our kayaking business in 1996. The name ODYSSEY was created from our favorite expression "AH! de sea!". Outgrowing a 16' fiberglass squareback canoe, and 18' aluminum outboard powered boat, we moved into kayaking as a family activity. Being near the water and able to access this recreation bonanza has been the focus of countless family activities. Wilderness camping and trekking in and around Northern Vancouver Island, has allowed us a familiarity with a lot of exciting new discoveries. After more than thirty-seven-years of living on Northern Vancouver Island, the sight of the pristine wilderness never ceases to leave us in awe.

Pat has taken several guiding courses and is also certified in Advanced Wilderness First Aid. He enjoys instructing people in kayaking, especially when it comes to emphasizing the safe enjoyment of it. With over 35 years on the ocean, he has experienced this vast playground from as far away as the Queen Charlottes down to Vancouver. Jackie enjoys being at home and loves the administration part of the business. Both look forward to meeting people and can share some great experiences and ideas when talking about Port Hardy and the surrounding area.

Perhaps more than all of this, Pat and Jackie are dedicated to facilitating your experience of adventure in a supportive, challenging, rewarding environment of respect and safety.

NEW starting in 2005.
We have relocated to the downtown location of 8625 SHIPLEY St. This will help take away the pressure from our "home based 80 boat fleet", while continuing to evolve into a better, more accessible client oriented service. Stop by for a chat, and get acquainted with what Northern Vancouver Island has to offer.

News for 2006
We are continuing to improve our new facilities in 2006 to create a smoother transition for you from land to water, and to help you appreciate the positive experience of being in the North Island.

New for 2008
We have been operating a dive compressor for a year now, and built an air storage facility to offer air fill sales to the visiting diver. We are now in the process of installing a second compressor and as well, a nitrox blending setup. This gives diversity to Odyssey Kayaking.
In line with kayaking we have been repairing kayaks over the winter with everything from a simple repair to full blown restorations. It keeps us busy and off the streets.


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