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Places for Renters or Custom Tours 

PORT HARDY is located on Northern Vancouver Island on the shores of Hardy Bay. Here the most popular place to launch kayaks in Hardy Bay is near Carrot Park, or a beautiful sandy beach located at the end of Shipley Street approx 150 meters from our store front. An alternate spot is Bear Cove (Ferry Terminal). At Bear Cove you can kayak along the coast to Daphne Point and around some smaller islands and out to the Masterman Islands and back again, or right around to Stories Beach in Beaver Harbour. At Carrot Park you can kayak out to the reef light marker and then along the coast to Duval Point and on. Wildlife includes deer, eagles and bear as well as the usual sea life. These are nice kayaking trips that are ideal for families to enjoy because there are lots of coves and pebble beaches to stop and explore along the way.  

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STORIES BEACH STORIES BEACH is a 10 minute drive from Port Hardy town centre. There are several islands that you can kayak out to, each island has its own distinct character. The popular islands are Deer, Peel, Cattle, Round and Shell Island. These islands are a great place to have a picnic lunch, put up your feet and soak up some rays (except during rain showers). We usually always come across wildlife, never predictable but usually a surprising and rewarding experience. Wildlife include seals (adult and babies depending on the season), orcas, dolphins, eagles, deer and even the odd bear on the Vancouver Island side. Last year we had a couple of humpback whales who spent much time entertaining us at Stories Beach and Hardy Bay and as far out as Nolan Point. You can enjoy kayaking along the coast then across to the islands, or just kayak straight out to the islands. This kayaking area covers approx. 20 sq. kilometres with 4 big, and 7 smaller accessible islands. This is a great place to go on day trips or a single over nighter. This is great for beginners, families or just for a leisurely kayaker. This is a semi-protected area in regards to weather. Deer Island belongs to Fort Rupert band and permission should be obtained before landing on it. To contact the Kwakiutl Band Council for permission, phone Administration at (250) 949-6012.

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BELL ISLAND AND HARLEQUIN BAY on Hurst Island are located approx 10 nautical miles from Port Hardy. They are two great places to kayak to, and set up base camp. Drinking water is scarce so plenty should be taken along. These are two totally remote areas with beautiful surrounding scenery. To get to these places you would have to cross the open water of Goletas Channel which could get a bit rough at times. You could be taken there and dropped off by "water-taxi". Quite likely you would see dolphins, whales and seals. These camping spots would be ideal for the person who wanted a 2 - 4 day trip. 


SHELTER BAY - Located approx 23Nm miles from Port Hardy. Here you would travel across from Port Hardy to the Mainland and travel along the beautiful coast. There are several major island groups to stop at and explore along the way. You might see some abandoned cabins and sites where thriving villages once flourished along with the usual wildlife. This trip would need 1 - 2 weeks. Or again you could be dropped off by a "water-taxi". 

BURNETT BAY - approx. 23 nautical miles from Shelter Bay. Here you would be greeted with a beautiful sandy beach and rolling surf. You get a chance to practice your surf landing skills (or your quick wet exit). You could also enjoy a nice wilderness bath in the slightly brackish river. This would be a great place to set up camp for a few days. We camped there for 6 six days once, it is truly an awesome place. Extremely remote, and a true paradise. These two spots, Burnett and Shelter Bay are ideal for the more adventurous and experienced kayakers. 


TELEGRAPH COVE/ROBSON BIGHT/CAPE CAUTION AREA - approx 45 minute drive from Port Hardy. Although seeing orcas is not guaranteed, the chances are quite high of seeing them. Here you can launch either at Alder Bay or Telegraph Cove. This could either be a day trip or a few days. Cape Caution involves more time, preparation and skill but is a consistant producer of gray whales.  








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