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  Water Taxi

Not sure where to adventure this year, give us a call and let's discuss your needs. 

If water-taxi is an option for you, please let us know. We will put you in touch with Malei Island Charters and they will give you service that is first class and
rates that are competitive. They operate two Canadian Coast Guard approved "small vessels" to accommodate you, the "MIMIR" and the "MALEI-ISLE". Both skippers are certified by Transport Canada with "Small Non-Pleasure Vessel Operator Proficiency" certificates (SNPVOP) up to 10 ton, as well as Marine Emergency Duties, A1, A2, & A3.


Water taxi is always a good option in getting there or getting back.

Reasons to Water-taxi:

-Accessing remote areas is easy, safe and affordable.
-Maximize your time in the area of your choice.
-Avoid paddling the same area twice by having the drop off and pick-up at different locations.
-Avoid tiring or exposed crossings.
-Access areas that are beyond the time constraints of your holiday.
-Accessibility for those such as children, or persons not comfortable with paddling long distances.
-Get past the crowds in the more popular areas.
-Skippers are knowledgeable of the areas they travel in.
-Added adventure and sightseeing opportunities of wild life and scenery enroute. 
-MIMIR can carry up to 8 people, kayaks and gear.
-Malei-Isle can carry up to four people, kayaks and gear.
-Rates set by a formula of average running time and distance. 


From their moorage in Port Hardy they serve a portion of the coast from the North edge of the Broughton Archipelago, up to Cape Caution, including Queen Charlotte Strait.

We provide free delivery &; pickup to BC Ferries, and to water-taxis.
Odyssey Kayaking is in Port Hardy, located at:
8625 Shipley St. (right across from the Post Office)
Email Malei Island Charters for good service and competitive rates.

News update, North Coast Trail, April 10,2008

Good news everyone who has been waiting for this event. Northern Vancouver Island Trails Society has announced that the Trail is virtually complete. Crews are cleaning up winter damage, doing minor re-routes and constructing a campsite at Shushartie Bay. The offical opening is scheduled for May 10, 2008. So get out those hiking boots and burn up some trail May 10th.


Below are some fairly accurate distances to help you with your planning.
They have been updated (April 2008) to reflect the general areas of marine water taxi for the Malei Isle and Mimir,

Distance in
Nautical miles
* Port Hardy to Allison Harbour
* Port Hardy to Bell Island
* Port Hardy to Blunden Harbour
* Port Hardy to Browning Boom
* Port Hardy to Bull Harbour
* Port Hardy to Burnette Bay south
* Port Hardy to Burnette Bay north
* Port Hardy to God's Pocket resort
* Port Hardy to Indian Cove
* Port Hardy to Malei Island
* Port Hardy to Nolan Point
* Port Hardy to Scarlett Point Lighthouse
* Port Hardy to Shelter Bay
* Port Hardy to Shushartie Bay
* Port Hardy to Skull Cove
* Port Hardy to Staples Island
* Port Hardy to Vansitart Island


Loading Time or Standby is $50 an hour.
The first half an hour loading is free.
Avoid excessive standby costs by having your gear and equipment
ready to load 30 minutes or more before departure time.


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