Basic Info


Box 279
Gold River, BC
V0P 1G0

Phone:  (250) 283-2324

Fax:   None

Editor: Jerry West


Effective October 01, 2014

THE RECORD is published digitally with breaking news stories, announcements and other features published as they are received. Items published by THE RECORD are cross posted to social media sites in Gold River, Tahsis and Zeballos.


Non-commercial announcements from individuals and non-profit groups such as meeting information, birthday and anniversary greetings, congratulatory messages, obituaries, news items and the like are published time and space available free of charge.

Commercial notices and advertisements, government notices, legal notices and the like are published for a fee. Contact us for exact pricing based on the material to be published.

Lay Out Information:

Ad sizes are based on a printable page layout of 8 inches wide by 10 inches deep. Material posted in HTML format are created at 96dpi. Material posted in PDF format are created at 300dpi.

Pricing is per column inch and is calculated on a weekly exposure interval.

Exact column widths in inches are as follows:

1 col = 1.85 : 2 col = 3.9 : 3 col = 5.95 : 4 col = 8.0