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Welcome to the Tofino Accommodation Guide:

How do you choose a beachfront hotel or resort for your Tofino vacation? In the online world of seemingly infinite options, making this decision is an increasingly difficult challenge for potential travellers.

Often times, a potential hotel guest starts with one criterion: price. While the cost of a room is obviously an important factor, it is wise to remember that published prices can be deceiving.

Ask yourself some important questions before immediately looking for the most inexpensive hotel:

  • What is included with the price?
  • Is the hotel actually on the beach?
  • Does my room have a full beach view, partial ocean view, forest view or no view?
  • How many other hotels are nearby, and will the other hotel's guests detract from your vacation?
  • Is there on onsite restaurant or restaurants?
  • What calibre of service can I expect at the resort?
  • How big is the property, and will I have adequate room to privately experience Tofino's incredible diversity of habitats?
  • Is this a romantic getaway and if so, will my partner be sufficiently impressed by the choice of accommodation?

You may decide to ask the hotel's front desk operator a few of these questions, especially "What is included with the price?". After a few phone calls, price will start to fade as your deciding factor.

Our Choice for #1 Tofino Hotel:

Wickaninnish Inn

Based on everything discussed above, the natural hotel to stay at is the Wickaninnish Inn. While the Inn has a reputation among some for being expensive, there are many times when the price actually compares to other beachfront properties in Tofino. Taking into account the level of service, room ammenities and location, this hotel far surpass any of the Tofino properties nearby. In fact, 'The Wick' is the only hotel on Tofino's popular Chesterman Beach, making it the natural choice for savvy travellers looking for the best location.

A Note on The View

While beach access should be the number one aspect of choosing a beachfront hotel, the view from your room can be an extremely important factor. Many hotels will discount rooms because they don't have a view, and a few places may try to conceal the fact that your room doesn't have a view at all. This is another reason that the Wickaninnish Inn makes top choice on this list. Every room has a superb ocean or beach to ocean view.

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