The Modified Cabin Tops

The original design has the center part of each hull as an open cockpit. I wanted more interior cabin space since most of our cruising seems to be in the cold and rain. So I raised the bulkheads fore and aft of this by 13 inches then built an additional supporting web (all reinforced with 2.75" x .75" doug fir). I left a web around the edge of this compartment to take the load from the beams and beam supports. This design gives an enclosed area at the centre of the hulls with standing headroom (on sub floors) with space for a nav station in one hull and galley in the other.

I bent two stringers over the top of these 3 centre bulkheads to give a smooth shape. Notice the ample workspace above the cabins!

Ply bent over top of stringers and glued and screwed on with additional transverse supports. Stringers added on to support cabin sides at this point.

Trial fitting of sides

Mass producing sections forcabin sides - coating, washing, etc.

Glueing and screwing on cabin sides

After trimming cabin tops prior to final cleanup

Sanding and cleaning up the inside of the cabins - why did we want to clear finish again?

Main hatches have small washboards made of lexan with hatches on hinges and sliders to make access easy.